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Our job is to find you a job. But, unlike other agencies, we don’t get you to upload your CV and match you based on a keyword search. We take the time to learn about the person beneath the qualifications and experience. We love talking to people so you can always feel free to call us up for a chat, whether you decide to continue at your current employer or decide to move on.

Should you wish to pursue a new roll, when we find and match you with a new position, it will be a career that you really want to pursue rather than a job that pays the bills.

We’re people focussed and we want to match more than just an employer and an employee. We match people and create bonds and friendships that last. That’s why we encourage you to join our network, come to our coffee mornings and meet thousands of like-minded people like you.

Challenge us to find your perfect job today so that you can be living the dream tomorrow.


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Your Story Starts with Violet Recruitment

Here at Violet Recruitment,we're passionate about partnering the best candidates with the most suitable employers.Our extensive pre-screening is why our clients use us time and time again, and why so many of the candidates we work with share their stories and experiences.

Ryan Upton
Telesales Executive
James Digweed
Graphic Designer
Stephanie Webb
Marketing Executive
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