My number one piece of interview advice


If you’re like me, you’ll have walked out of the interview room either feeling like you nailed it, or like you ballsed it up.

Perhaps, like me, when you felt you nailed it, invariably you didn’t get the job – unfortunately life has a way of doing that to you sometimes.

Often, one of the tell tale signs that the interview is going well is if the interviewer  join in the conversation and begins expressing some commonalities with you, your experiences and your ideas. Often the interview will descent into chat at this stage which is the best and most comfortable place to be.

One of my favorite moments in my search for the right job, was when I was asked to design and present a mock campaign plan for a reseller of Smart boards.

I spent an age on the content and delivery, as you should. I was meticulous about every point of the campaign and well rehearsed – so much so that I really only needed the slides as a prompt, again, as you should. However, there was a snag.

I left the presentation feeling that I’d done myself proud and that I was nailed on to progress. But I’d overlooked just one thing.

Stupidly, incomprehensibly, I’d spelt the name of the company wrong.

The company was based on someone’s name, which I won’t reveal here, and I’d got two of the letters round the wrong way. Just a small slip, but one that was pounced upon.

The feedback: if he doesn’t pay attention to something fundamental like the company name, what else will he miss.

I couldn’t come back on that, I really didn’t have a leg to stand on.

I look back on it now with great hilarity, but from my simple mistake I hope you can learn a valuable lesson: review, review review. Get someone else to review. Then review again.

In each new check you might find something you’d previously missed.