Advice for job seekers


When I was made redundant back in 2008, I was afforded the luxury of a months paid gardening leave, and it gave me a couple of choices.

I could either enjoy the month off; put my feet up, catch-up on day time TV and drown my sorrows in tea, or I could treat each day as though it was a day in the office and proactively search for my next role.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d have loved nothing more than to put my feet up, but I knew that if I broke the cycle of the 9-5 then it would become hard to get back into.

So I did this: I set my alarm as normal, got up and continued my morning routine – I then set up my laptop and began doing the proactive and positive things that are essential if you’re to bounce back quickly, and they included:

* Spending time putting a shine on my LinkedIn profile, connecting with people, following people and companies, watching out for roles and asking for recommendations

* Finding recruitment agencies and joining their mailing lists – and I’m not talking about the obvious few, I mean any agency who might have roles of interest in the future if not now

* Setting up meetings with recruitment agencies to keep my name fresh in their minds

* Putting the shine on my CV; it’s amazing how nicely written your CV can read if you spend countless hours on it; and it was worth it because I had many interviews just off the strength of what I said

I tell no lie when I say that I performed these types of activities for 7 hours each day that I was on leave, and it paid off: within 3 weeks I had a new job at global software company.

Regardless of your job searching position, if you dedicate enough time and enough of the right focus and effort, you’ll be rewarded with the right job for you.