Is working in the finance sector right for you?

Fast paced finance job

Well that depends on whether you have an appetite for working long hours within a fast-paced and high pressured environment. But if you think you have what it takes then the rewards are considerable.

Salaries for new starters begin at around £16,000 to £42,000 in accounting and professional services, £27,000 to £50,000 in banking and finance, and £35,000 to £56,000 in investment banking (High Fliers’ The Graduate Market in 2016). They then increase rapidly as you gain professional qualifications.

This is the reason the finance sector holds so much appeal and the UK has 2.2 million people working within it.

The good news is that despite uncertainties caused by Brexit, there remains demand for skilled workers to enter the finance profession.

And the great thing about working in the finance sector is that there are many profession avenues to choose from:

– Accountancy and finance

– Baking and building societies

– Financial planning

– Insurance

– Investments and pensions

Careers in finance are not for everybody, as highlighted at the beginning – they are often highly demanding and fast-paced. But if you have a mind for money, a flair for finance and the thought of a challenge excites you then you won’t go far wrong in choosing the finance sector as the place to begin or extend your career.

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